Intensive Driving Lessons Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Bath

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Intensive Driving Lessons Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Peasedown St John, Westfield

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Driving lessons have often been booked by the hour with just one or two sessions per week. Usually learning by this method will take around 50 or 60 hours of tuition with a professional driving instructor and often supplemented by going out with parents. This type of learning would be spread over several months. A growing number of learners are now turning to intensive driving courses to enable them to pass the driving test in just 0ne or two weeks. We often see pass rates much higher than with hourly driving lessons.

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We have been providing intensive driving courses in Radstock, Midsomer Norton and Peasedown St John Since 2001

(Please use the contact page if you are unsure and wish advice about which of our intensive driving courses to choose)

Intensive Driving Courses and Tests are available at all Bristol Test Centres and Chippenham

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Intensive Driving Course Hours

Intensive Driving Courses come as 20, 30, 40, & 48 hour courses. Intensive Driving courses can be modified to your needs; pass in 5 days or two or three weeks


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Intensive Course Prices

All Intensive Driving Course Prices INCLUDE your driving test cost and a second test fee if you should be unlucky


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Driving Course Supporting Notes

Study notes are supplied for your intensive driving course to help with learning the various procedures


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Our Intensive Driving Course Cars

All are manual gears with air conditioning and fully adjustable driver's seat to ensure virtually everyone can be comfortable


Recent FAQs

Can I book my intensive driving course before passing my theory? - Yes indeed, provided sufficient time is allowed to pass the theory test. We can reserve dates well in advance for you. Please ask for advice before booking

Do you really pay a second test fee for me if I am unsuccessful with my first test? - Absolutely Yes, on 40 and 48 hour courses *

Where will you collect me for my intensive course? - We will usually collect you from home

(* does not apply to extended tests)